or my "high society dinners"

In whatever city or country I live, I always support the mission of my project, namely: “Soul food in a wonderful company”.

I know for sure that sometimes it is very important for each of us to gather at a hospitable table, with healthy, tasty, cooked with love food; fill your soul with warmth, thoughts - with a creative attitude, body - with healthy food.

At a dinner party, we can chat, find common interests, come up with joint projects or just tell each other different stories and share invaluable life experiences!

My dinner parties are:
  • Farm to table
    Local, seasonal, organic food
  • Gluten free
    Complete absence of gluten in the composition of dishes
  • Dairy/eggs free
    Mostly dairy- and egg-free meals
  • Great time
    Kind people, laughter, funny stories, new acquaintances and the birth of new projects!
“Dinners” can be themed and pre-planned, or completely spontaneous with no special theme, but always with delicious, healthy food and good mood! Follow the news.
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