I am a holistic nutritionist. Therefore, in my practice, I use tools that help my clients get the desired result and consolidate it in the long term.

  • I have developed my own system of working with a client, in which I involve the most important aspects of human health and life.

  • I cooperate with other specialists, doctors, so that we have the opportunity to find the root cause of the problems and build an effective work strategy.‌

  • I pay special attention to client support, understanding the importance of gradually and carefully introducing new habits, correcting nutrition, building appropriate nutraceutical support.

  • I use the Neurocoaching technique to make the client's change process more comfortable, noticeable and long-term.
Neurocoach course
(Nov-Dec 2021)
Course ACT for beginners.
(Psychwire by Dr.Russ Harris June 2021)
Integrative course Evidence-based Nutrirional supplement therapy NUTRIGEEKS.
(European Longevity University May 2021)
Integrative course "Home laboratory".
(European Longevity University January 2021)
Course School of Laboratory Diagnostics in Functional Medicine LAB GEEKS.
(European Longevity University November 2020)
Food as Medicine program.
(Monash University Nov 2017)
Systemic Nutritionist
(European University of Longevity, april 2022)
(Ben Vader College of Fitness and Bodybuilding. June 2017)
Diploma of a fitness instructor, group classes, health-improving physical culture.
Diploma of qualification of a specialist in ergogenic dietetics.
(Ben Weider College of Fitness and Bodybuilding. October 2017)
Diploma of professional retraining in the program "Specialist in lifestyle modification and non-pharmacological recovery" (HEALTH COACH).
(Preventage Lifestyle School May 2021)
Assistance, work as a program curator, nutritionist, and health coach in the team of a doctor of functional medicine (2019 - present)
Work in the project of Anna Starodubtseva Wellnessstar (2018 - 2019)
Hours of consultations
Over 6 years of private practice
I am the founder of the project "high society dinners"
Personal diets with menus and recipes
Clients in individual work from 10 countries of the world, including the USA, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, etc.
Public offer
Public privacy
Nutritionist who loves food